About Us

We love video and we love sharing all the latest techniques and news with our thriving community of film and video makers.

Our members and readers range from the total beginner – using a cell phone in their bedroom to shoot their first film – to the emerging talent, with a professional camera.

Quote-db is friendly and supportive community of amateur and professional video makers. It is a place we can share information, ideas and inspiration.

It is also a place that we can share our work and welcome the feedback of others on it.

Our community pages are open to all, for their submissions and regularly garners a lively debate.

If you should wish to upload a video, please read our submissions guidelines and make sure that your clip complies with it.

This is a family site and we do not host anything that is violent, defamatory or otherwise in bad taste.

Likewise, when it comes to giving feedback, we advise our users to employ their discretion.

We will not tolerate personal abuse or spam in the comments. Any user who posts such material will be deleted immediately.

Our community is one that is open and welcoming to all and this includes friendly criticism, but should never stray over into abuse or threats.

As well as online hints and tips, we also arrange real life events and regularly host lectures and masterclasses, by professional video makers.

These workshops and talks sell out fast, so keep checking our website for details.

Since 2007 when we first got started, our site has grown from being just three people, into an office of ten full time staff, as well as countless part time contributors.

We are read by people in all corners of the globe and our site receives nearly a million hits a month.

So, get ready to join in by uploading your video to share with the world!