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Quote-db is hiring!

We are looking for new writers and contributors to create interesting and entertaining material for our site.


All submissions to our site should comply with the house style. This is an informative tone, which is easy to read, but never condescending.

We like to keep the style light and accessible to all.

We are not pitching at pros but enthusiastic amateurs and those hoping to become professional. However, we are also read by many professional video and film makers.


We welcome submissions on various topics, which fall into the following broad categories;


As you can see, we already have quite a collection of informative articles, explaining to the novice video maker, how to get the best from their camera.

These are usually punchy, informative pieces of between 500 and 1000 words.

Before submission, please contact our content editor Brian Shapps, with an outline of your suggestion.

If we commission your piece, we would expect it to be written in good English, with a captivating headline and several punchy subheadings.

We would also welcome any artwork or photos with the piece, although our sub editor can help with this.


Quote-db periodically publish longer pieces of original journalism, which delve into some aspect of video production or blogging, that deserves greater insight.

What we are looking for here is serious and unique content, which is properly researched and referenced.

These pieces would be between 1000-2000 words long and will be commissioned by prior arrangement only.We do not respond to unsolicited submissions.

If you have an idea for a longer piece, we would like to see a brief outline of it along with your past experience.

Any evidence of previous publications and credits on websites or other media should be included with your outline.


We are always on the lookout for quality writers for our thriving and lively blog.

These can be opinion pieces or a commentary on any issue or news of the day.

We welcome opinionated views and anything guaranteed to stir up a debate!

However, we only accept unsolicited blogs from writers with some experience.

To submit a blog post to us it should be between 300-600 words long, written in good English and given an appropriate title.

We also require a brief resume of your previous writing or experience, to be included on the submission.

Quote-db is offering a serious opportunity to writers and contributors to get featured on one of the fastest growing video community sites in the States.

We would love to hear from you!